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Six technological projects of great social impact reach the final of the everis Spain 2020 Award to entrepreneurship

Six technological projects of great social impact reach the final of the everis Spain 2020 Award to entrepreneurship

The 6 finalists of the everis Spain Award are announced in three categories: Industrial Technologies, Biotechnology and Health and Digital Economy. The winner will receive 20,000 euros and will represent Spain next November in the great international final of the everis Award, worth 60,000 euros.

Six technological projects related to industry, biotechnology and health and new business models in the digital economy have been selected from over 700 proposals as finalists in the Spanish call for proposals for the 2020 everis Awards. 

The selection was made by a jury of experts made up of leading figures from the entrepreneurial ecosystem and managers from the main companies related to the three categories of the Award. In this way, the six finalists will once again present their proposals to the Grand Jury, which will decide which Spanish project will represent Spain in the international phase. 

The winner of the Spanish everis Award will receive a non-refundable grant of 20,000 euros for the development and launch of their project, mentoring by i-deals (everis Group) valued at 10,000 euros and a pass to the international final, where they will compete with the winners of the national everis Award calls in Europe and Latin America. The overall winner will receive an additional prize of EUR 60,000 and expert advice.


Industry technologies

  • The Biscayan project INNOVATING ALIMENTARY MACHINES, led by the young entrepreneur Maitane Alonso, has arisen for two reasons: firstly, because of concern about the large amount of food that is currently being thrown away, around 30% according to the FAO, as a result of poor conservation. And the second, because of the abuse of chemical substances for preservation. Maitane has designed a method called "treated air packaging" for which it has built two machines, one for domestic use and one for industry. The method can be used for all kinds of products, both those produced industrially and those made in our homes, the HORECA sector and the health system. In terms of its advantages, it increases the durability of food, reduces waste and eliminates the plastics used in the process. 
  • The Madrid project DRONE HOPPER S.L. aims to help in the fight against forest fires. The drone has a large load capacity (600 litres) and allows a 100-metre firebreak to be created with a single discharge. Its patented system of water mist combined with its capacity of release at low height allows it to be up to five times more effective in extinguishing a fire than with traditional means. The drone also allows its use in night operations, in a precise and efficient manner and without putting the lives of the pilots at risk. 

Biotechnology and Health

  • IDOVEN is a Madrid project that seeks to detect early heart problems to prevent diseases such as heart attack and sudden death. To do so, it redefines the way in which cardiac arrhythmias are diagnosed, combining cloud-based Artificial Intelligence algorithms with wearable technology.
  • LIMNO PHARMA S. L., from Granada, is developing its first product LIM21, a treatment for Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). It is a rare disease that affects nearly two million people worldwide and there is only one treatment for 5% of patients. Its main competitive advantage is that the drug is administered in the form of eye drops. This contrasts with the majority of applications being developed for ophthalmological treatments, which are administered by eye injection. 

Digital economy

  • The GATACA project in Madrid consists of an identity layer for the Internet that enables digital authentication processes with a level of government security and a single, fast and simple login. The company was created to provide a solution to the complicated digital onboarding processes, identity fraud, security breaches, and costly compliance with KYC and GDPR regulations. For users, the technology platform includes an identity portfolio on the mobile device that allows them to save digital identity credentials and access digital services instantly, securely and transparently. For businesses and trusted authorities, Gataca provides client, citizen and employee authentication tools, as well as tools for issuing identity credentials in accordance with W3C standards. 
  • And finally, Getxo's project, RECIRCULAR, aims to identify possibilities for the recovery of more than 5,000 tonnes of complex waste that ends up in landfills or incinerated. With the knowledge acquired, a digital platform has been developed to democratise access to circular opportunities, reaching any type of waste and company. This platform connects companies and businesses for the recovery of waste as raw materials. Its algorithm provides information on the possibilities of reusing each waste and sub-product and connects the generating users with those who are potential consumers. 



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