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everis foundation and United Way promote a project to reduce early school dropout through training in technology

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The focus of the project are youth with greatest learning problems and from the most vulnerable social backgrounds, with whom work is developed within the classroom.

everis foundation has launched the project ‘Tech4Change School’ seeking to reduce the number of early school leavers, with a focus on students included in Learning and Performance Improvement Programs (PMAR) with learning problems or coming from conflicting social/family environments. To maximize the impact of the project and to avoid working with children in a segregated way, the intervention will be developed with their reference group, with 60 young people benefiting from this initiative. The project is managed by United Way and developed by the Creatica Association, specialized in promoting inclusion on an equal footing, using technology to change lives.

The initiative will be developed at the Marques de Suanzes Secondary School in Madrid during the 2018-2019 school year with students from 13 to 15 years old. This Secondary School has been selected due to its proximity to the everis headquarters with the aim that the project has a direct impact on its immediate environment.

The project, whose main focus is to reduce the school dropout rate, has several secondary objectives that work in a transversal way. Besides, it is one of the activities of the Technology Department of the school center, aligning with the academic contents and adding skills and knowledge to the regular curriculum. The project also promotes STEM abilities among young girls.

In its execution, and based on sustainable development objectives (SDO), the project will propose to the students the challenge of improving their environment, identifying problems and giving technological solutions to those problems. 

The everis volunteers who accompany the participants during the sessions will offer their life and professional experience to help them with the prototype and design of their ideas in the course of mentoring sessions. As for the Creatica team, they place special emphasis on students finding a vocation, approaching technology in a friendly way, where error is considered part of the learning process and not a failure. The project includes training sessions for school teachers and volunteers, as well as a Project Fair, in which the teams will present their proposals, to be held next May.


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